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Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo, a sensation of dizziness, plagues many people; one common cause for vertigo is BPPV. BPPV presents with brief recurrent episodes of vertigo (spinning sensation) that are initiated with changes in head position that last about 60 seconds. These episodes occur due to crystals in the inner ear that become dislodged.

BPPV can be treated with physical therapy. Our Centers of Excellence have specialty-trained physical therapists who have the knowledge and equipment to best treat your vertigo. They have received certifications to specifically treat patients with vestibular dysfunctions with tools like RealEyes Goggles and the Epley Maneuver that can pinpoint the cause of your vertigo and alleviate it.

RealEyes Goggles allow the treating therapist to more accurately and appropriately identify if a patient has BPPV, and if so, which of the 6 semicircular canals are involved. This leads to easier and shorter treatment duration, getting them back to their full function sooner. They also help identify other inner ear diagnoses if it is not BPPV.

The Epley Maneuver involves a series of head tilts and position changes to replace any dislodged crystals in the inner ear back to their rightful placement. The dislodged crystals create a sensation of dizziness, so replacing the crystals alleviates the issue immediately.

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