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Schroth Method

The Schroth Method for the treatment of Scoliosis is a specialized type of conservative physical therapy that can be used to treat patients of any age with scoliosis in any stage of treatment. The treatments and exercises are based on an individual’s specific curve pattern, curve severity, and the patient’s level of function and fitness. The goal of this method is to create awareness of postural alignment through repetition of specific exercises and breathing techniques that encourage proper positioning. The Schroth Method can be tailored to adults with scoliosis, patients with idiopathic scoliosis, patients with Scheurmann’s Disease, adolescents at risk of progression due to a Cobb angle greater than 15 degrees, and patients with a Risser sign between 0 and 4.

Georgialina Physical Therapy can make all the arrangements to provide one-on-one scoliosis treatment at our Martinez location with our Physical Therapist, Andrew Merget. Andrew has specialized training in the Schroth method and has worked with scoliosis patients using this method for many years.

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