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On-site Ergonomic Assessment

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Industrial services are structured to assist the worker in obtaining the most desirable outcome in returning and/or keeping the worker at their job. We work with employers, case managers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals every day to help prevent workplace injuries and to assist injured employees return to work quickly and reduce the likelihood of further injury.

Our highly skilled physical therapists have many years of experience with work-place injuries in all locations and work with many employers and companies to provide injured workers with the help they need to recover and return to work. Additionally, we have Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists on staff to help employers and employees to prevent injuries.

Ergonomics is the fitting of the workplace to the worker. Ergonomics applies anatomical, physiological, and psychological knowledge to work and work environments to reduce the risk of developing or exacerbating musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s). Ergonomic designs of tools, equipment and workstations have helped curtail the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries. Working with in-house staff to find modifications for workplace hazards can lead to increased worker productivity, decreased absenteeism and fewer injuries.

Georgialina Physical Therapy is available for On-Site Consultation to assess work environments in both industrial and office settings to reduce the likelihood of injuries. This can be done through the assessment of employee work environments and recommendations for how to increase safety and better suit the work environment to the worker. If you are interested in scheduling an On-Site Consultation, feel free to contact us at ergo@physicaltherapyaugusta.com or (803) 349-4119 for more information.