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Testimonial – Dr. Robert Franklin

“I encourage my patients to use Georgialina Physical Therapy because I’ve seen the improvement my patients make when they go there. They are truly invested in their patient’s recovery.”

Dr. Robert Franklin

Testimonial – Dr. Dave Zimmerman

“I believe my patients deserve the best care available, that’s why I want my patient’s physical therapy needs met by Georgialina Physical Therapy. They are simply the best.”

Dr. Dave Zimmerman

Testimonial – Dr. Robert Suykerbuyk

“I send my patients to Georgialina Physical Therapy because I know they will develop an individualized plan of care for every patient and provide the personal attention they deserve.”

Dr. Robert Suykerbuyk

Testimonial – Dr. Jeffrey Broder

“I’ve trusted GPT to serve the physical therapy needs of my patients for over 10 years, and they’ve never let me down.”

Dr. Jeffrey Broder

Testimonial – Dr. Arlie Fiveash

“My care from the therapists at Georgialina was excellent. Appointments were made at convenient times and I was seen promptly. My therapist was systematic in the analysis of my symptoms and explained things very clearly.

She seemed very knowledgeable and quickly earned my confidence. The entire staff was professional and treated me with kindness and respect. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Dr. Arlie Fiveash

Testimonial – Dr. James Dillon

“We refer patients to Georgialina Physical Therapy because they have convenient locations on both sides of town and offer late appointment times. Patients are always commenting on how they love their staff, saying they are personable and kind. Our patients benefit greatly from their Aquatic Therapy programs”.

Dr. James Dillon

Testimonial – Dr. Michael Vasovski

“We refer patients to Georgialina Physical Therapy because they provide excellent effective care that compliments what we offer in my practice. They have offices easily accessible from most areas in Aiken.”.

Dr. Michael Vasovski

Testimonial – Dr. Jennifer Herbert

“Georgialina is able to get my patients in quickly and maintains great communication regarding their progress. My patients appreciate their care and expertise.”

Dr. Jennifer Herbert

Testimonial – Dr. Zhenrong Zhang

“GPT has been providing excellent effective care to my patients. Their multiple convenient locations, flexible hours and quick feedback have been very beneficial to my practice and patients.”

Dr. Zhenrong Zhang