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Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer survivors have fought and won the battle, but are often left with the life changing effects of the war. Physical therapy can be a useful tool after cancer treatments to aid with pain, weakness, and other common effects of cancer treatment to help patients return to their normal lives.

GPT Centers of Excellence have a 3-Phase Rehabilitation Program that includes a personalized evaluation and a treatment plan to manage pain, increase general balance, mobility, range of motion and endurance, and integrate you in to a Community Wellness program to progress the benefits you obtained during therapy.

In addition, aquatic therapy has been proven to aid in pain management and progress with therapy in post-cancer treatment patients. Our therapists have Clinical Competency Certificates in Aquatic Therapy and many years of experience in an aquatic setting. This specialty training provides aquatic techniques to assist with lymphedema and other cancer related issues.

Locations offering Cancer Rehabilitation

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How can Georgialina Physical Therapy help my Cancer Rehabilitation?

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Generalized conditioning modalities
  • and more